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So You Want To Fast Forward Your Life?

13417089_mYou know how it is. You’re in the middle of a task. You’re not enjoying it. You wish you could just fast forward to the moment it was done.

Have you ever wondered how much of your life that you spend wishing you could fast forward chunks of it away?

The Fast Forward question is one that I ask myself to keep my life in check.

I say: “Imagine if there was a fast forward button here right now, so I could jump to the point where this task was over. Would I press it?”

When I’m answering yes too often, I get antsy. I know I need to make some changes.

After all, why am I spending my life in such a joyless way? Why am I spending my precious time doing things I don’t want to be doing?

I’m in that place at the moment. I’ve not written for too long due to a fault on my PC. I’m doing a lot of admin type tasks. I’ve recorded some music which has been lovely. But it made me realise that I’m not doing that enough.

Too much of my life right now is in the Fast Forward column.

So my next experiment is to identify them. Then discover a way to get rid of them.

The way I’m doing this is using an app called Chaos Control.

I use this anyhow to stay productive and organised. It is a sophisticated to-do list manager. As a by product, it keeps a historical record of the tasks I’ve done.

In a month’s time, I’ll be able to look back over my month. I will assess which of my tasks were Fast Forward jobs.

I’ll then do one of 3 things. I’ll get rid of it completely. I’ll automate it. Or I’ll outsource it.

It may well be that I’ve allowed myself to drift into areas that I’m not fully aligned to. If I notice it, I can move out of those areas completely. I can even come up with criteria that helps me decide what work to do in the future.

If it’s something I need to do, I’ll see if I can do it automatically. This is how I pay my bills for instance. Direct debit automates everything so I don’t have the admin job of paying them manually.

If I can’t automate the things I need to do, I’ll see if outsourcing them is an affordable option.

When I’m in Fast Forward moments, I’m miserable. I’m not here to be miserable. We spread what we are . Like you, I’m here to be joyful and spread joy. I’m here to make the world a better place. I can only do that when I’m in the moment, doing what I do at my most impassioned.

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  1. Yes – creativity is where we are most alive and it has its own non-conventional time which is so at variance with the fast-forward tasks you speak of. I knew someone who said you should caress your environment – perhaps not something one would say down the pub. I think what he meant was that he tried to be creative even with tiresome tasks; at least he tried not to be negative when completing them. I can testify that it is not possible to be creative whilst hoovering. This unwieldy instrument annoys by its heaviness, its lack of flexibility, its brutish resistance to corners and its failure to deliver transformative joy because unless you live in filth, the before and after scene is not radically different. There was a French artist who bought a small chateau and replaced a lot of her furniture with plants and cut flowers. I would like to live like that.

    • alunparry

      26th February 2016 at 2:39 pm

      That reminds me of the horrified journalist who visited Quentin Crisp’s New York apartment. There was snowdrift style dust coating every surface.

      “How on Earth do you get it this dusty?!” asked the journalist.

      “My dear boy” said Quentin, “you just have to hold your nerve.”

  2. I love this topic. Realizing that I always have a choice was one of the most empowering moments of my life..And you illustrate that very well here. We always have a choice – to be present and happy, to be angry, etc.. Free will is huge, but you18#2&7;re right, we seldom think of it. Thanks for the reminder.


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