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How To Review Your Amazing Life

How to review your amazing lifeThere are times during the year where it pays to step back and review how life is going.

This reflection allows you to celebrate your victories, and plan to beat your challenges.

In this post, I will walk you through the review process I invented for myself. True to my own practice as a coach, this process is solution focused.

You will connect with your own power to make positive change in your life. This is something you do all the time, but may not notice it.

This process will help you discover the successful strategies you are already using. You will also identify what changes you still wish to see, from a place of power rather than overwhelm.

Better still, there are just 3 questions that you will ask yourself to achieve this.

Before we get to that, let’s zoom in. It’s hard to just review life. Life is too big a concept.

Ask someone to name 20 objects from the world and their mind goes blank. They will get there, but slowly.

Ask someone to name 20 objects in a refrigerator, and they rattle them off.

A refrigerator is much smaller than the world. There are fewer possible objects to name. Yet it’s easier. Specificity helps.

That’s why I’m going to give you 9 different areas of life to review separately.

The 9 Areas

1. Career

This area looks at your professional life and the work you do each day.

2. Friendship

This area looks at how many friends you have, and the quality and depth of those friendships.

3. Finances

This area looks at your financial situation. This might involve your income, expenditure, debt, savings, and sense of financial security.

4. Health and Fitness

This area looks at how healthy you are and how fit you are. It may encompass issues like weight, sickness, emotional wellbeing, or physical fitness.

5. Intimate Relationship

This area looks at your spouse type partnership. How is the relationship going? Do you even have a relationship right now? If not, how do you feel about that?

6. Where You Live

This area looks at your home. This might involve the type of home, its size, how tidy it is, its decor, your neighbours, or the area you live.

7. Learning and Growth

This area looks at your own personal development. To what extent are you growing as a human being? To what extent are you satisfied with your level of learning? How satisfied is your curiosity?

8. Fun and Joy

This area looks at your access to play and fun. How joyful is your life? How much do you play and have fun? To what extent do you do things with no end goal, but just because you enjoy it?

9. Wild Card

This area is optional. What it covers is up to you. It allows you to review an area of life that is important to you. In my case, I reviewed Creativity as a separate topic. Creativity is important to me. So I wanted to assess it on its own. What area is important to you that isn’t covered yet?

The 3 Questions

For each of these areas, ask yourself 3 questions. Make sure you write the answers down or type them. It is important to get the thoughts out on paper where you can review them.

1. What is going well when it comes to this area?

2. What else? (keep repeating this question until you have no more to say)

3. What further improvements in this area do I want to happen or to experience?

Example Case Study

Below I will share my own review when it comes to the Health and Fitness area.

What is going well?

I am losing weight.

I am doing so using a method that feels easy.

I am exercising by jogging three times a week.

This opens possibilities to more exercise such as badminton with friends.

What else?

I am retraining my voice so I can use it more safely.

What else?

I take Vitamin Supplements which have been successful at keeping bugs at bay.

What else?

I have had two medical investigations which both showed that I am healthy.

What else?

Erm….I think that’s it.

What further improvements do I want to happen or experience?

I want to continue losing weight until I reach my target weight.

I want to continue jogging. I want to do a 5k run in the next 6 weeks.

I want to join a runners group.

I want to take up other forms of exercise like badminton.

I’d like to add strength and flexibility to my body too, maybe through yoga.

Now Read It Back

When you read it back, you will see just how powerful you are.

Even in the midst of struggles, you will see that you are doing so many things in your life well.

Connected to your power, you now have an inspiring list of improvements that you next want to make.

Your past successes can help you make them.

Look at these good things that you made happen, and ask yourself “How did I manage to do that?”

The answers will show you which solutions best fit you as you continue to transform your life.

How much did you enjoy this blog or podcast?


  1. I love this! It’s so comprehensive yet breaks down each area into details so we follow our own journey and also make goals for the future. I’m going to be doing this today. Thank you for sharing! 🙂
    (P.S. Came here from the Writers’ Guild)
    Kudos to you!
    & Happy writing!! 🙂

    • alunparry

      9th January 2018 at 10:34 am

      Hi Asya

      Thanks so much for your lovely feedback.

      How have you got on with it in practice?

      One step I’ve since added is, based on my insights, to look at what I can do within the next 90 days to start making the improvements I identified.

      I’d love to hear what came up for you.



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