Photo: Elise Schnaars

Imagine if you woke tomorrow to find that your best hopes had been realised.

How would you know?

This is a question I often ask my clients.

People tell me a range of things they’d notice that would be different tomorrow.

It’s exciting. Unpredictable too. Everyone has such different ideas about what their preferred tomorrow looks like.

But there is one response that comes up so often that it is almost universal.

“I’d get out of bed quickly” they say.

Shortening the time lag between waking and getting up becomes a marker for change.

It taught me to notice the same thing.

If I’m in a rut, I look at how long it takes me to get up in the morning. Then I shorten it.

I hear the chorus of my clients’ wise voices urging me out of bed.

So I get up. And I start my day.

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