Hi, I’m Al. Here’s a bit about me.

I blog here at alunparry.com. I’m the host of The Alun Parry Podcast. I’m a musician and a songwriter with 7 record releases under my belt. You can find my music site here. I create and deliver training programmes, and I help people through personal coaching.

Getting out of bed

I get out of bed each morning in order to create, to share my perspective on the world, and to contribute something that makes life more wonderful.

I like to help you to see the world differently so you are able to live a more fulfilled, meaningful life as a result. I love it when I can pull the veil back to reveal something about the world that wasn’t previously seen. Especially when it opens up new possibilities.

I write and podcast about personal growth, but I’m no guru. I’m in the shit with the rest of you. These are my tales from the trenches.

What I believe in

I value simplicity. I believe in social justice. I try, as much as my flawed humanity will allow, to follow the practice of Non Violent Communication.

I long for a world where everyone has their needs met, and I believe that we have both the resources and imagination to make that happen.

I try to hear what people feel and need rather than what they think and say.

I’m more impressed by how well you treat others than what you own. If we go out for lunch, I’d notice how you treat the waiting staff.

A few extra biog bits and bobs. 

I was born and still live in Liverpool, England.

I started adult life as a trade union organiser. Then I became a computer programmer. Then I was a University lecturer and a college tutor.

Education is still a big passion of mine. I created the Be Your Own Record Label training programme.  One day, I’d like to create something around personal change, sharing some of the things that have worked really well for me.

I became a musician ten years ago. In that time I’ve released a load of records, performed with my heroes, and had my songs recorded by other artists.  I set up the Working Class Life & Music Festival, and the Woody Guthrie Folk Club.

I’m the founder and Life President of community-owned football club AFC Liverpool.

I began training as a psychotherapist a few years back but had an uncomfortable ride with some of its approaches to power relationships. So I paused my studies and haven’t returned. I know a lot about Transactional Analysis, and a range of other approaches.


I’ve a particular struggle around money. I’m not so great at earning it. Or keeping it. When I’ve had money, I’ve given it to others. For the past few years, I’ve struggled to get it at all.

When I’m sad or lonely or discouraged, I can tend to eat things that are not good for me. Sometimes I love doing this. Most of the time, it’s an emotional go-to that doesn’t help me out.

I also have imposter syndrome. I know I’m not alone in this. It’s pretty widespread. And there’s strong evidence that says that us imposters are the ones who do the best work. But nonetheless, I still get to  hear my psyche ask me “Who the fuck are you to be doing that?”

One thing I have been pretty successful at is changing my inner voice. I had a lot more limiting beliefs than imposter syndrome at one time. I figured out a way of changing that. It’s not perfect, but it’s a lot kinder and more supportive. Life has changed a lot for the better as a result.

Fun stuff

Other than all that, my main vices are non fiction books, and comedy. I’m part of a comedy improv troupe.

The scariest thing I’ve ever done as a performer is as a stand up comedian. It went well thankfully, but it was terrifying and I’ve never done it since!

A big achievement is that I once lost 80 pounds in weight and kept it off. I still use the same system to this day.

If you want to ask me any questions, drop me a line at [email protected] – I know the “info” bit sounds impersonal, but it really is me at the end of the line, and I answer all mail.