I provide specialist one-to-one coaching to leaders in public service, and to other professionals and entrepreneurs who want to make a change in the world.

As a solution-focused practitioner, I help my clients to design preferred futures for your lives and organisations. I help you to identify the progress already being made towards that future, and coach you towards changes that will make it a reality.

Solution focused coaching is a style of coaching that helps you see the possibilities rather than get bogged down in problems. Clients report feeling excitement and motivation when dealing with issues that previously felt overwhelming.

By using my service you will increase your own power and skill set as a leader.

My coaching helps you increase self awareness, use listening skills and empathy to improve your relationships with others, expand your influence and communication skills, and lead more effectively during times of change.

Other benefits of my coaching are that you will have diarised time for reflection and strategic thinking. This results in better decisions, more impactful delegation and prioritisation, a healthier work-life balance, and better time and energy management.

These skills make you better at building and empowering effective teams, making your organisation a more powerful vehicle for delivering your vision.

I typically meet clients fortnightly as well as offering email and telephone access when you need it between sessions.

I work with clients on a minimum 3 month basis. For a typical 3 month coaching package, I charge from £695.

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