I provide confidential, one to one counselling. I help you overcome emotional issues or deal with the impact of major life events.

My counselling focuses on building the better life that you long for. As such, I don’t go digging into your past. If you want to talk about past events, that’s okay too. But I won’t lead you there as it is not needed for positive change to take place.

Instead, my counselling focuses on helping you create the future you want. My clients tell me how different this feels to the draining and upsetting counselling they have experienced in the past.

Instead, they report feeling excited and empowered during our sessions, and change happens fast.

Benefits of using my service include dealing with depression, grief, anxiety, social isolation, shyness and stress.

My counselling can also help you to build confidence, self esteem, motivation, and self awareness. It can help you create better relationships, whether at home or at work. It helps you lead a happier, more fulfilled life.

It will help you process major life events such as divorce, financial crisis, serious health issues, ageing concerns, mid life crisis, or the impact of children leaving the family home.

I help you with common anxieties amongst successful people – such as impostor syndrome, the fear of losing everything, the loneliness of being at the top, success related guilt, or ensuring that your drive works for you rather than harms you.

My approach is tailored to your needs. Everyone is different, so we each need different strategies to reach successful change. I won’t be trying to fit you into some textbook “theory”.

We will simply have conversations that will be useful to you.

Together we will find your many resources so you can change your life for the better in a way which fits you.

I am happy to meet clients either face-to-face in my counselling rooms, or online via Skype.

I typically see clients for 2 hours for the first session, and then 1 hour sessions after that. I charge £55 per hour.

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Alun is in advanced clinical training. Find out more about Alun here.