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3 Ways To Crush Your Negative Inner Voice


It doesn’t matter how successful we become. There are times when we all doubt ourselves.

A big presentation. An important meeting. A new challenge.

The negative inner voice relishes the chance to have its say.

For many of us, that negative inner voice is a regular companion. It never help us. It instead gives us criticism and undermines our confidence.

What Is The Weak Point In Your Castle?


We were stood outside Caenarfon Castle in Wales.

Many years ago, people used to live in this castle. From time to time, their enemies would try to attack it.

I thought of how to attack a fortress like this. What were its weak points? There didn’t seem to be any. As defences go, it was formidable.

What Is The Answer To The Question Of Your Life?


Pixar learned how to tell stories from a comedy improviser. She learned it from another comedy improviser. His name is Kenn Adams.

All those big movies used a structure that was for telling stories without a script.

Life is like that too. It all happens on the fly. We don’t have any lines.

Ep 21: From Murder To Nonviolence


This episode blew my mind. Don’t miss it. I’m talking with John Lash. At 18, he pulled a pistol on someone and shot them dead.

He got a life sentence in a US jail. But inside prison he went on a journey that led him to a passionate belief in the ideas and practices of nonviolence.

No More Mr Nice Guy


“Nice” people don’t have needs.

“Nice” people put the needs of other people before their own.

If we hustle too hard for our own needs, other people will judge that we are not a “nice” person.



We live scripts in life. Scripts are decisions we make very young. Then we spend the rest of our lives proving that this “reality” is true.

Mission Creep And The Militant Artist


An internet marketer told me that I’m doing it wrong. He said I should only spend 20% of my time creating things. The other 80% I should spend on marketing.

He might be right. But then, why not take a marketing job 4 days a week instead. I’d get a guaranteed pay cheque that way. If I want to do marketing, I should definitely get a marketing job.

How Seinfeld Lied To You About Life


When I was a child, we never did a big shop. Nobody did. It wasn’t a thing back then. Instead, we’d just “get some bits in”, as my Mum called it.

We’d get some bits in every other day. The shops were a short walk away. Round the corner, up Cretan Road, and onto Lawrence Road where the shops were.

Ep20: How To Make An Independent Feature Film


Alan Donohoe is an independent film maker in his 20s. Without industry backing he managed to write, fund, direct and star in a full length feature film. It’s called “I Have A Bad Feeling About This.”

It is an impressive, inspirational feat in itself – added to by the fact that it’s a very funny, enjoyable film too.

Ep19: How To Claim Your Power


In this episode I chat with co host Emma Bird about how to claim your power.

We look at the key value of autonomy, and the most precious commodity we all have – time.

We discuss how to get what you need without permission, and how to use time in service of your own dreams rather than someone else’s.

How To Create Systems That Give You The Life You Desire


How to create systems that give you the life you desire
I was unconscious last night. So were you. It’s called sleeping. Yet look at us. We’ve woken up alive somehow. We kept breathing. Our hearts kept beating. We are a triumph of systems that operate with perfection. They work so well, they don’t even need our attention.

I got up and flicked the light switch. The lights came on. Wow!

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