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Ep20: How To Make An Independent Feature Film


Alan Donohoe is an independent film maker in his 20s. Without industry backing he managed to write, fund, direct and star in a full length feature film. It’s called “I Have A Bad Feeling About This.”

It is an impressive, inspirational feat in itself – added to by the fact that it’s a very funny, enjoyable film too.

Ep19: How To Claim Your Power


In this episode I chat with co host Emma Bird about how to claim your power.

We look at the key value of autonomy, and the most precious commodity we all have – time.

We discuss how to get what you need without permission, and how to use time in service of your own dreams rather than someone else’s.

How To Create Systems That Give You The Life You Desire


How to create systems that give you the life you desire
I was unconscious last night. So were you. It’s called sleeping. Yet look at us. We’ve woken up alive somehow. We kept breathing. Our hearts kept beating. We are a triumph of systems that operate with perfection. They work so well, they don’t even need our attention.

I got up and flicked the light switch. The lights came on. Wow!

Killer Robots And The Death Of The Rule Of Money


Every time I go into the city centre, there are more homeless people than there were last time. The weather is bitter. They huddle in wet sleeping bags. Some have hats. Others don’t.

Ep18: Goals, Money And The Struggle To Live Authentically


In this episode we talk about goals, the pursuit of money and sacrificing today for an uncertain tomorrow. We discuss how that impacts our desire to live an authentic life, and how to deal with the struggle.

I am joined by co-host Sarah Lowes, who is a writer and award winning playwright.

Show Notes

6 Powerful Moods You Can Hack With Your Body


The writer Scott Adams says that we are moist robots. We are programmable, like machines. He’s a trained hypnotist, so he’d know.

When I want to program my computer, I use a keyboard. That’s the user interface. Doing things to the keyboard changes what the machine does.

The Potato That Can Triple Your Success


the potato that can triple your successI stopped eating potatoes. They’ve been a staple ingredient in my home made soup for years. I live on that soup. I eat it daily.

But now potatoes were out. I started reading about food. It turns out that food is bad. Yeah, pretty much all of it. Depending on who you read.

Ep 17: What Is Non Violent Communication? [Podcast]


non violent communication, marshall rosenberg, nvc

In today’s episode, co-host Emma Bird asks me to discuss one of my personal passions – Non Violent Communication.

What is it? How did it change my life? How did it change my approach to my political beliefs? And how can you use it to enrich your own life?

Show Notes

How To Discover The Hidden Secret To Mega Success


There’s a whole industry around mega success. It seems there is little interest in moderate success these days. Moderate success is for wimps.

Who wants a business that ticks over and meets your needs? Nobody puts ads out for courses on that. The ads all talk about “your 6 figure business”. Anyone not making 6 figures is a loser.

You Are A Superhero And This Is Your Superpower


I got sick the other day. For two days I coughed and spluttered. I didn’t see anyone. I was contagious.

I’m better now. But I’m still contagious. So are you. Whatever we are, we spread it.

When I’m happy, those around me feel happier. When I’m miserable, I bring them down.

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