Leaders - Be The Best You Can Be
To Make The Biggest Impact For Those You Serve

You're a leader with a big heart. You want to use your leadership to do good things in the world. You want to make a difference to the people you have chosen to serve.

You're doing a great job. But there are so many demands for you to juggle. It can feel like you're doing things just good enough sometimes, rather than as well as you'd love to. 

You're passionate, so you won't just settle. You want to make the biggest positive impact in the world. What you do matters.

I want to help you with that. That's why I am giving you a FREE 2 hour coaching experience. There's no charge, and no sales pitch. 

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Solution Focused

My approach to coaching is solution focused. Problems are there to be solved. You want things to get better quickly. Solution focused coaching gets results. 

You In The Driving Seat

You don't need someone trying to boss you about. You're a leader not a follower. You need the kind of coach who guides you to your own best solutions.

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My clients include the UK Home Office, Riverside Housing Association, John Moores University, Knowsley Youth Mutual and more.

About Alun Parry

Alun Parry is a coach. He helps visionary, big hearted leaders be the best you can be, so you can make the biggest positive impact to those you serve.. He also delivers training to organisations around issues of culture change, leadership and communication. 

He is passionate about solution focused coaching, nonviolent communication (NVC) and has been trained in Transactional Analysis. He is a full member of the UK Association For Solution Focused Practice.

Outside of coaching, he is a songwriter, performer, improviser and author.

Al Donohoe

Actor & Film Maker


I had one sesh with this guy and no more than a month later I cut my hours down in my job, started teaching kids about filmmaking on the weekends and got a part in a critically acclaimed play.

It hasn't stopped there, I've been pushing for other BETTER career options too. I would strongly recommend him.

Sandra Richardson 

Chief Executive,
Knowsley Youth Mutual 


Alun's approach is inclusive, fun, and well paced. Great at holding the space. Very thought provoking and enjoyable.

John Paterson

Entrepreneur and Scientist


I came away feeling inspired and motivated to keep going. Alun focused on my needs exactly and I was impressed by the obvious thought that he had put into considering my difficulties.

Clare Beloved 

 Artist and Business Leader 


Alun is an incredible man who embodies kindness and compassion with everything he does – I trust him with my life and my ideas and business. I have been overjoyed with work he has done for my business. Alun is one of the good guys who really cares so when you work with him he cares that he gives a brilliant service. This shows and makes all the difference. He is understated and gives so much more than you’ll ever pay for.

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