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Ep 21: From Murder To Nonviolence

This episode blew my mind. Don’t miss it. I’m talking with John Lash. At 18, he pulled a pistol on someone and shot them dead.

He got a life sentence in a US jail. But inside prison he went on a journey that led him to a passionate belief in the ideas and practices of nonviolence.

Ep20: How To Make An Independent Feature Film

Alan Donohoe is an independent film maker in his 20s. Without industry backing he managed to write, fund, direct and star in a full length feature film. It’s called “I Have A Bad Feeling About This.”

It is an impressive, inspirational feat in itself – added to by the fact that it’s a very funny, enjoyable film too.

Ep19: How To Claim Your Power

In this episode I chat with co host Emma Bird about how to claim your power.

We look at the key value of autonomy, and the most precious commodity we all have – time.

We discuss how to get what you need without permission, and how to use time in service of your own dreams rather than someone else’s.

Ep 17: What Is Non Violent Communication? [Podcast]

non violent communication, marshall rosenberg, nvc

In today’s episode, co-host Emma Bird asks me to discuss one of my personal passions – Non Violent Communication.

What is it? How did it change my life? How did it change my approach to my political beliefs? And how can you use it to enrich your own life?

Show Notes

The Alun Parry Podcast – Ep 15 – The Secret World of the People Hacker

Alun Parry Podcast
Today I’m talking to Jenny Radcliffe who has the most unusual job!

Now you’ve all heard of computer hackers? Well Jenny is a professional people hacker.

She doesn’t target technology to breach a company’s security. She targets people. And she does it using old fashioned detective work, psychology and persuasion.

The Alun Parry Podcast – Ep 14 – Meet The Happiness Man

Alun Parry PodcastToday I’m talking to The Happiness Man, Ed Croft.

Ed is one half of the successful comedy music duo JollyBoat. So making people happy is what Ed does for a living.

But he’s also one of the happiest people I know. So I wanted to talk to him to discover his secret. What is the recipe for a happy life?

The Alun Parry Podcast – Ep 13 – How To Get Wealthy In 5 Surprising Steps

Alun Parry Podcast

In this episode I talk to successful business person Howard Northover about what it takes to be able to make money.

He lifts the lid on what we need to be successful in business.

Amongst his clients are some seriously wealthy people. He’s discovered the things that all of his wealthiest clients have in common.

The Alun Parry Podcast – Ep 12 – How To Be An Attractive Person

Alun Parry Podcast

David Alnwick is a successful comedy magician. There are many things I admire about Dave. He’s super good at what he does. He is someone who is really up for life. Wherever there’s something fun, there’s Dave. And I’ve always been really struck by how good his social skills are.

The Alun Parry Podcast – Ep 11 – Getting All Our Needs Met Without Conflict

Alun Parry Podcast

Sarah Ludford has spent the last several years of her life immersed in the practice of Non Violent Communication (NVC).

NVC was developed by the inspirational psychotherapist Marshall Rosenberg.  He sought to find a way to ensure that we all get our needs met without conflict. He wanted to understand why some appear to get pleasure from contributing to the lives of others, while some seem to get pleasure from causing hurt.

The Alun Parry Podcast – Ep10 – If Home Was The Open Road

Alun Parry PodcastCan you imagine not having a home? That’s how it is for Kerensa Durr since she quit her job and her New Jersey apartment.

She decided to escape the rat race and the career with the long hours.

Now she and her husband live in an vehicle instead – a motorhome.

The Alun Parry Podcast – Ep 09 – How To Live A Happier Life

Alun Parry Podcast

Chris Allen is a long standing friend of mine.

He is a working class lad from Liverpool who had a meteoric rise in the world of academia. He became one of the youngest Professors in his field.

Then he walked away from it.

A fascinating story in itself. But it’s what happens next that’s really interesting.  He started to see life in a different way.

The Alun Parry Podcast – Ep 08 – The First Woman Photographer In The Premier League

Alun Parry PodcastIn this episode I’m talking to one of Britain’s leading celebrity and commercial photographers Sharon Latham.

For the past 7 years she had one of the most high profile jobs in football photography, as the official photographer for Manchester City FC.

She was the first female Premier League photographer ever. We talk about breaking into a man’s world.

The Alun Parry Podcast – Ep 07 – Talking With The “Enemy”

Alun Parry Podcast

Have you ever hated someone because of their political beliefs?  Have you ever dismissed people as “idiots” because they see the world differently from you? Maybe you even brand them as bad people – lacking something morally?

Be honest, how many friends do you have who hold political beliefs that are the polar opposite to you? Doesn’t your Facebook News Feed just echo back your own view to you?

The Alun Parry Podcast – Ep 06 – Rebellion, Artistry And The Craft Of Making Beer

Alun Parry PodcastTom Anderson has spent his life living the dream. A lifetime following his passion led him to becoming a beer brewer at an iconic Liverpool pub and brewery.

We chatted about the similarities between artists and beer makers, why micro breweries are enjoying a resurgence – and what Lego has got to do with it all.

Show Notes

The Alun Parry Podcast – Ep 05 – Smart Politics: The Future Of Policy Making

Alun Parry PodcastJames Noakes is an elected politician. He is the Mayoral Lead for Energy and Smart City for Liverpool City Council.

He is also part of the Incubator of Change company, that specialises in how to future proof public policy.

In this conversation, we talk about how public policy is being shaped by technological change. We look at how politicians and policy makers use innovation. We discuss how the big data revolution and artificial intelligence impacts political decisions.

The Alun Parry Podcast – Ep 04 – What Chimps Teach Us About Ourselves

Alun Parry Podcast
Dr Keith Jensen is an animal behaviourist who got interested in the animals that are human beings.

Interestingly, he digs deeper into human psychology by studying chimps, other apes and monkeys.

I spoke to him to find out what non human primates have to teach us about what makes humans tick. The conversation was fascinating.

The Alun Parry Podcast – Ep 03 – A Rebel At Eton

Alun Parry Podcast
David Renton is a barrister, author and historian. He is also the only person I know who went to Eton College.

Eton is the UK’s most iconic private boarding school. It has educated 19 British Prime Ministers.

David takes us behind the scenes and tells us what it was like as a child who didn’t fit in at Eton.

The Alun Parry Podcast – Ep 02 – From Paul McCartney’s Sheepdog To The Queen

Alun Parry PodcastIn this episode of the podcast I chat with lifelong musician Colin Maddocks.

His extraordinary story takes us on a journey that encompasses Sir Paul McCartney’s sheepdog, to the Queen herself.

Show Notes

This is Colin’s band on the Harry Seacombe show.

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The Alun Parry Podcast – Ep 01 – A world based on need and justice?

Alun Parry PodcastIn this opening episode, imagine a world based on need not profit, where you control the key decisions of your life. Is this possible?

I talk to Jo Bird, who has spent her life pioneering an alternative way of doing business. What is it? How does it work? And how can you do it yourself?

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