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Book: How To Remove Trauma Response by Alun Parry

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Childhood Trauma: Gone For Good FREE Video Course

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Childhood Trauma Gone For Good Free Video Course

Is your childhood blighting your life?

Are you struggling with feelings of anxiety, depression or shame? Do you go through life harrassed by a self critical internal voice? Do you feel worthless a lot of the time, like you are not good enough?

Do you put yourself last and don’t get your own needs met? Do you feel guilty any time you do anything nice for yourself?

Do relationships feel painful and hard? Do you feel angry, resentful and mistrusting? Or do you feel sad, alone and unloveable?

Do you worry that you are condemned to suffer because your childhood was the way it was? Are you tired of carrying this round with you for so many years?

Get rid of past trauma for good

What if you no longer had to “manage” or “cope” like the self help books advise? What if you could just get rid of it completely.

You can live a full, nourishing, happy life. You can spend your days feeling content and enjoying life. Imagine if you could simply focus on what you want to achieve and use your energy to build the life you want.

Imagine if there was a scientific process that could erase the effects of childhood trauma. Here’s the good news. There is. It's called Memory Reconsolidation and is at the core of how I work. (Find out more below).

My 5 Step Transformation System

I have developed a special, 5 step system to create transformational change that removes the effects of trauma. See the video below to see the roadmap.

What Does Trauma Mean?

The word trauma is used by different people in different ways. Here's how I mean it: any psychological injury that still impacts your life.

It tends to refer to any event, big or small, that

  • felt less than safe in the moment and
  • is still touching your life now.