The Alun Parry Podcast – Ep 09 – How To Live A Happier Life

Alun Parry Podcast

Chris Allen is a long standing friend of mine.

He is a working class lad from Liverpool who had a meteoric rise in the world of academia. He became one of the youngest Professors in his field.

Then he walked away from it.

A fascinating story in itself. But it’s what happens next that’s really interesting.  He started to see life in a different way.

This is a story of liberation. It is a thought provoking and vulnerably open conversation. Once you’ve heard it, you’ll think about your own life in a different way.

Alun Parry is Director of The Liverpool Psychotherapy Practice


4 thoughts on “The Alun Parry Podcast – Ep 09 – How To Live A Happier Life”

    1. Hi Jonathan

      The more I speak to people about this, the more I realise that almost everyone seems to have this feeling of being a fraud. It seems to be something most of us carry.


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