The Alun Parry Podcast – Ep 11 – Getting All Our Needs Met Without Conflict

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Sarah Ludford has spent the last several years of her life immersed in the practice of Non Violent Communication (NVC).

NVC was developed by the inspirational psychotherapist Marshall Rosenberg.  He sought to find a way to ensure that we all get our needs met without conflict. He wanted to understand why some appear to get pleasure from contributing to the lives of others, while some seem to get pleasure from causing hurt.

He found that we all have universal needs that we seek to get met. He developed a way of communicating that gets us in touch with each other’s needs.

Sarah trained directly with Marshall, and now trains people about NVC herself. Marshall’s ideas have been profoundly life changing for me. In this fascinating conversation, Sarah shares her insights into the process of Non Violent Communication, and how to use it in our daily lives.

Show Notes

Sarah Ludford can be reached at Connect With Compassion

Check out Marshall Rosenberg teaching NVC on YouTube

I massively recommend Marshall’s book Non Violent Communication

The topic of Non Violent Communication is also mentioned in Episode 9 of the podcast – How To Live A Happier Life

If you want to hear me trying to apply NVC, you might also enjoy listening to Episode 7 – Talking With The Enemy – where I chat about politics with someone who sees the world completely differently to me.

Sarah recommended the book Reweaving our Human Fabric by Miki Kashtan.


Alun Parry is Director of The Liverpool Psychotherapy Practice


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