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When I browse through old posts in this blog, I often have a light bulb moment.

“Oh yeah!” I’ll say, as I remember an old strategy that I used to find useful.

I have forgotten my own advice. And when I read it again I recall that it’s super helpful.

It could have been helpful all along. But I’d stopped doing it. More than that. I’d stopped realising I knew about it.

Once I’m reminded of it, I start doing it again and life improves.

We all have these long forgotten strategies that help us. We may not do them anymore. They probably aren’t even on our radar.

But we have them. And they’ve worked before. So they’ll likely work again.

That’s why it’s a good idea to look there first.

Whenever you’re trying to achieve something or get out of a rut, check out your own history first.

When have you done this before? When have you taken a step towards this before? What did you do that got you there?

Keep flicking through your own Rolodex of life experience and check out the strategies you used.

That’s your own personal blog. This isn’t the first time you’ve overcome adversity. It’s often not the first time you’ve attempted a particular goal.

So how did you do it? How did you move towards it? What has already worked for you?

You’ll likely have light bulb moments of your own.

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