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How To Change Your Life By Doing More Of The Same

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Even when we want change, another part of us can find it scary.

Better the devil you know, and all that.

The good news is that, often, change doesn’t need you to change. Weirdly, change tends to be about doing more of the same.

When we want things to be different, we don’t like how things are. We want something else instead.

There are moments when we are closer to that something else. We all have bad days and better days.

When we describe what we do want, we’ll often notice that aspects of it already happen.

They may be only now and then, but we remember a moment when what we want is there.

You might think: “I’d like breakfast time with the family to be enjoyable and peaceful.”

Then you remember how two weeks ago, it was exactly like that.

When we catch elements of the change that are already happening, get interested in them.

How did you create them?

What did you do that resulted in it being that way?

Change tends not to be about doing something different. It’s about finding what you already do that brings the better times.

Then doing more of that.

Looked at this way, change isn’t so scary. Because you don’t have to change or do things different.

Change is not about stepping into the unknown. It’s about repeating the familiar.

Simply do more of the winning strategies that you’re already doing, and you get more of the life that you want.

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  1. Great way to see this i think and more true than we are aware of.


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