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As we pass through life, we’ll encounter wise, helpful people.

They touch our life in some way.

Perhaps during a tough time, they helped us see things differently. Or gave some good advice.

They may be a loved one, or a professional, or even a kindly stranger we crossed paths with for a brief moment.

Yet we remember them for their wisdom and compassion.

Maybe we’ve not been lucky enough to have met such a person.

Perhaps the people we admire in that way are people from history, public figures, or writers.

They may even be characters from fiction – the hero in your favourite novel or movie.

Yet we get a sense that, if only we could have an audience with them, they’d shine a light on our troubles. They’d help us find a pathway through.

If only we could go and talk to them, they’d know what to do.

The good news is that you can. Whenever you want.

That person can be your personal spirit guide. You can get their thoughts whenever you need them.

It doesn’t matter whether they are real or fictional. It doesn’t matter whether you ever met them or not. This person has influenced you so much that they are now a part of you.

Whenever you need their advice, ask them. They are not a past resource, but a current one.

When you do, you realise that you know exactly what they’d say.

And so in that moment, they are sharing it with you, as if they were there.

I have seen this with clients many times.

If they have talked about a person who has been useful to them, or who they greatly admire, I’ll ask them – “what would they say?”

In seconds, they transform from confusion to clarity.

A moment ago they felt stuck and lost. Yet once they access their guide, they know what to do in an instant.

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