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Every day we choose to do things.

Even when it seems like we have to do them, we usually choose to. We are selecting this activity over that consequence.

We choose many other activities freely, just because we want to do them.

From time to time, situations arise that result in us feeling agitated and cross.

At other times, we feel excited and energised.

It all tells you something about you, if you decide to get curious about it.

You can connect with it by using one important question.

“What does this tell me about what I care about?”

When a person who goes to a job they don’t like, what does that say about what they care about?

They may reply that they care about their children getting the best start in life.

When a person goes jogging, it may show that they value health and well being. Maybe instead it shows that they care about looking good.

The choice is not just an action. It says something important about what they find precious.

When someone gets cross at exploitation, that crossness tells them what they care about.

For instance, it may show that they care about fairness, mutuality and justice.

When they are excited about a friend’s party, that too is a sign that they care about something important.

Perhaps they would say that they care about friendship and togetherness.

There are thousands of actions, feelings and responses that we experience every day.

Behind each of them is a deeper meaning. It tells you something important about who you are and what you value.

Without asking the question, we inevitably miss huge aspects of who we are.

What you care about is at the heart of your identity. It is the fabric of your story.

When you link your actions and feelings to what you value, you connect to that story and it changes your future.

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