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About Alun

About Alun

Alun Parry is a psychotherapist, speaker, author and podcaster who specialises in helping adults get rid of childhood trauma.


Alun is the Director of The Liverpool Psychotherapy Practice in England.

He became frustrated with therapy approaches that expected people to "manage" their trauma or do exercises daily to keep it at bay. 

He didn't like the therapy model that had people attend therapy for the rest of their lives. He wanted people to feel good as quickly as possible. 

"Why must people put so much energy into their trauma? Why can't we find a way to just get rid of it, so they can live as easily as those who never suffered it?"

His search led him to study bodily responses to trauma and ultimately to a brain mechanism called memory reconsolidation. A new discovery in neuroscience, it showed that trauma could indeed be removed completely.

Alun's therapeutic approach is geared to using this transformational brain mechanism for permanent, effortless change.

Speaker and Educator

Alun founded to train other psychotherapists about the power of memory reconsolidation based therapy. 

It is now a thriving hub of training and education used by thousands of psychotherapists across the world to improve their skills and knowledge.

Alun speaks regularly to audiences of fellow psychotherapists on the subject of how to erase trauma response.


Alun is the author of How To Remove Trauma Response: A Memory Reconsolidation Guidebook For Therapists and Coaches.

It shows fellow therapists how to remove trauma using the brain's inbuilt trauma removal mechanism.

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Alun is the presenter of A Slice Of Therapy, the acclaimed podcast that offers bite sized thoughts about mental and emotional wellbeing.

Previously, he was presenter of The Solution Focused Podcast where he interviewed leading figures in the field of psychotherapy and counselling.

He has been a regular contributor to BBC Radio and other media outlets, and presented the BBC Radio 4 special A Sense of Liverpool.

Services Used By

Alun is a sought after therapist and speaker whose services have been used by leading international businesses, governmental departments, third sector organisations and educational institutions.