Get Your Love Relationship Back On Track

There was a time when you got on better with each other. You had hopes that this relationship would nourish you both and keep you safe. You saw the promise of love and enriching times together far into the future.

Yet things have got off track. You can't see eye to eye. The relationship that you hoped would make life better is often a source of unhappiness instead.

 You don't want to throw it all away but it sometimes seems like it might be the only option.

Ideally, you want to see if there is a way to turn this relationship into something that works for you both.

You want the relationship you both hoped for.

It's been hard because you've tried so much. You've vowed to do things differently next time. But in the hurt of the moment, it hasn't worked out. You fall back into the same familiar patterns with each other.

Before you know it, you're both feeling confused, upset and disconnected from each other again. Maybe you've said hurtful things to each other.

You can't understand how love can be so hard.

You want love, and yet somehow you end up so far apart and miserable.

You've tried ways to communicate better, but when emotions run high, they are so hard to put into practice.

You've done your best but it isn't working how you need it to. You start to feel hopeless and lonely and miserable.

Can you ever sort this out and enjoy each other?

It's frustrating because whatever you try seems to unravel for you.

I understand how hard this is. I know that you want a nourishing relationship. I get your despair.

You ask yourself if you can ever turn this relationship into one that meets both of your needs..

You long for a great relationship that nurtures you both, but you wonder if it is possible together.

I have some good news for you.

What you are going through is very common. It need not spell the end. You don't have to lose each other in order to get the love you need.

No matter how desperate it feels, there are ways to get things back on track.

There is a loving, nourishing relationship waiting for you beneath the arguments and disagreements.

Couples therapy is an effective way to rediscover the best of your relationship so you can experience the good times you long for.

There is nothing more important than our relationships.

You don't have to figure this out alone.

I'd like to help you rebuild your relationship so that you can each get the love and companionship you both need.

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