Change Your Life Without More Pain

You already know that you'd like some change in your life. You already know that you'd like some healing.

You want the benefits that come from great therapy.

You want to feel better. You'd love it if life improved for you.

You'd love to live without carrying this old emotional baggage around with you.

But you don't want to go through all that pain again.

It was hard enough the first time. You can't face having to re-live it during counselling.

You're not sure you could handle that right now. You're already suffering. You don't want to be suffering even more while you're waiting for the change to happen.

You're anxious that you might lose control. You've held everything in for so long. You're worried that you might go to pieces when you try to deal with it.

There are people who rely on you. Friends, family, people in your work life. You're scared that you'll stop functioning day to day if you start to face your demons.

You feel stuck.  It's frustrating. You need life to be different. You want the outcome of therapy. But it feels too risky to try.

So you bottle everything up again. You push it down and try to ignore it. It feels lousy and numb, but what else is there?

If only there was a kind of therapy that didn't make you go through past trauma.

Well, here's the good news. There is.

Let me be straight with you. You are right that most kinds of therapy deliberately take you into your past.

You are right that this can be deeply upsetting, even traumatic.

And that's exactly why I do it a different way. 

I specialise in a form of therapy that helps you change your future, without delving into the painful past.

Not only is it clinically proven to bring about powerful change, it does it quickly too - all without medication.

Better still, the experience of therapy sessions is uplifting and exciting. You no longer have to suffer another ordeal to get the better life you deserve.

It took me years to pluck up the courage to first get counselling for myself. Why? For all the reasons that are stopping you. And I didn't enjoy reliving things from my past. I found it upsetting and unhelpful.

So when I became a therapist myself, I made sure that I found a different way to work. 

Instead of therapy being traumatic, my clients find therapy enjoyable. Instead of focusing on your past, we will focus on your brighter future.

If you'd like the benefits of therapy without the ordeal, I'd like to help you.

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Face To Face

I offer one to one counselling in person at my therapy rooms in Liverpool City Centre.

The rooms are very comfortable and relaxing.

Sessions last for 55 minutes.


Do you live some distance from my therapy rooms? Are you nearby but travelling isn't a good option for you?

I offer one to one online video counselling using Skype.

Sessions last for 55 minutes.


Are you going to take me into the depths of childhood trauma?

No. Absolutely not. But you're right to worry about this. Many therapists do believe that it's essential to delve deep into childhood. 

I don't work that way. I've long held the view that healing is possible without that. In many cases, going into past trauma actually makes people even more upset, and can cause damage.

Of course, if you want to share something from the past, you can. And I'll give you the time and attention you need. Sometimes we need to get things off our chest. You're free to do that.

That aside, I'll be staying in the present and helping you build the future that you want.

So therapy won't be traumatic and upsetting then?

No. Sometimes feelings can come up. And it's a safe place for that. But in the main, my clients find that therapy with me is uplifting and enjoyable. It sounds strange, but there's far more smiles and laughter than tears.

My expectation is that you'll find counselling with me exciting not upsetting. 

But does that get results?

Yes. It's very effective. There's been lots of clinical studies into the approach I use. Not only has it been shown to be effective, but is usually faster too.

Will you be telling me to take anti depressants?

No. We'll be doing "talking therapy." We'll have conversations that I hope will turn out to be so useful for you that your life changes for the better. 

Will you be analysing what's wrong with me as a person?

Yikes no. We'll be using what's right with you to make change in your life. You already have amazing personal qualities, and strategies that have worked for you in the past. You've gotten this far after all. There will be things you want to change of course, but I start from the standpoint that you're already pretty incredible. So we'll start there. That's a far more useful approach, and more effective too. 

Will you be telling me that I'm going mad?

No. People often fear they are going mad when things begin to feel too much. What you're experiencing is almost certainly very normal given what you've been through. 

Will you be telling me what to do and checking up that I've done it?

No. If I did, it wouldn't help you that much. The idea of "one size fits all" therapy may still be practised, but I don't believe in it. You're an individual. What works for some won't work for you, and vice versa. You need something tailor made to who you are. We'll figure that out together - and what we come up with will be much more likely to get results for you.

What's the first step to get started?

Give me a call or send a text to book your first session. Then we can meet up either at my therapy rooms or on Skype (an internet video platform). Once we've met you'll know if I'm someone you'd like to keep working with.


My number is 07889 787306 or you can email me at [email protected]

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About Al

When I was a child I witnessed my parents be attacked. It left me with some difficulties that stayed with me into adult life.

Eventually, I decided it would be useful to get some therapy. It helped me enjoy life more and make the changes I needed to.

I decided to train to be a therapist myself so I could help others in the same way.

Before I was a therapist, I was a professional musician and songwriter. I still perform and make records in my spare time. 

Friends would say I'm approachable and easy to talk to, and that I love to be with people.

I've the best job in the world, helping people during difficult times to come out the other side. I'd like to meet you and see how I can help.

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Send me a text on 07889 787306

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