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Alun Parry  

Work With Alun

Work With Alun

Alun Parry is a psychotherapist, coach, speaker, author and podcaster who specialises in helping adults get rid of childhood trauma. 

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Alun says:

  • You get genuine personal care. I keep client numbers low and exclusive. This means that I am able to spend time thinking about you in between sessions and working on your issue. I spend hours on you, on top of the time we spend together.
  • I aim to get quick results. You won’t be kept in therapy for longer than you need. I don’t follow the New York model of staying in therapy for years. The aim is to get the result you need as quickly as we can, without making you feel rushed.
  • You will be rid of the problem. You won’t need to manage it or keep working on it to keep it at bay. You’ve carried it around long enough. When our work is finished the problem will be gone.
  • No risk to you. If you’re not totally happy that you picked me – you get your money back, no questions asked with my 100% Guarantee (see full details of the guarantee here)

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