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Other Kinds Of Trauma

What about Other Kinds of Trauma

I specialise in the kinds of trauma that occur during childhood.

However, if you have suffered a trauma as an adult, my approach works in the same way.

If something scary happened and you've not been able to move past it, I can help.

My goal is to ensure you don't have to learn to "cope" with or "manage" the effects of trauma - but to get rid of it.

But how?

Recently, neuroscientists made a new discovery. They found a brain mechanism that results in permanent change. It's a revolutionary finding. When it happens, it's like recording over an audio cassette. It rewrites the trauma responses with something that serves you instead.

They also discovered the steps needed to make that brain mechanism happen. In my work, I follow those steps so the brain gets what it needs to update its learning. The result is that it gets rid of the trauma for good.

So what will the work look like?

At first the work involves talking to help you gain a real understanding of yourself. I'll guide you through some conversational exercises too so you'll know and understand yourself better than before.

Next, we often do some imaginal work. It isn't always needed but it's a great way to work directly with the nervous system. It is extremely effective, even if it may sound odd at first. Don't worry, it's not roleplay. In fact, you won't need to talk at all during this part. 

It's a little like hypnosis in some ways, except you won't need to be hypnotised.

What happens at the end?

Once we are done, those trauma responses won't reappear. You won't have to "manage" it. You won't have exercises to do for the rest of your life. It will be gone.

You'll still know what happened to you. But it will no longer distress you, and you won't be using those old survival strategies now that your situation is different. So you will move on and enjoy life.

Are you ready to change your life?

I'd love to work with you. You deserve a happy life. Each session is £150 for 55 minutes. 

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